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Reason : No. 1

Friction. Gone.

Connect Directly with Top Trade Professionals

Say good-bye to the middle-man.

Facility Managers seem to be left with two choices today.

  1. Turn over everything to someone else.


  2. Do everything by yourself.

There is a better way.

With ABBY you get management when you need it and discounted pricing for all the routine repairs.


 “Technology is great, but how’s the service?”

Reason : No. 2

Service. Obsessed.

Completing ordinary tasks with enthusiasm and dedication delivers superior results.
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  • 2010 - 2019 adidas Vendor of the Decade award

  • 2017 adidas Superstar award

  • 2015 adidas Star performer award

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  • 2014 Nike Retail Vendor Excellence award

  • 2012 Nike Retail Vendor Excellence award

  • 2010 Nike Retail Vendor Excellence award

  • 2008 Nike Retail Vendor Excellence award


  • 2012-2019 Seven time Connex Supplier of the Year nominee.


Reason : No. 3

Dollars. Count.


How can you Save?


1. No Cost Software

Zero cost to the property owner/management.

Zero cost to any Vendor Partner.

ABBY is a Full Facilities Management CMMS with all the expected features.

  • Work Order Management

  • PM Module

  • Asset Tracking

  • Proposal Module

  • Mobile

  • GPS

But it’s the UN-expected that has everyone talking.

  • Pass-Through Discount Pricing

  • Cross-Client Bundling

  • Partner Communication

  • Process Training

2. Pass-Through Pricing

As much as 70% of your demand service calls are being completed without any management.

So why are you paying a mark-up on work that wasn’t managed?


“How many normal requests get the $0 fee?”

ABBY Clients Pass-Through % 2019

Percent of normal requests discounted to $0 Mark-Up. These requests were all created in

ABBY123 is currently integrated with several of the leading CMMS platforms in use today. We think everyone should benefit from ABBY!

Pass-Through % for Integrated CMMS clients

Percent of Normal Requests Discounted for Pass-Through. These requests were created in the clients existing CMMS system.


3. Total Invoice Transparency

  • ABBY clients see the invoice exactly as it came in.

  • Rate - Verified

  • Time - Verified

  • Labor and Material Breakdowns

  • Taxes - Verified by independent tax review