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Reason 1.

Service. Obsessed.

Every customer is a partner in our mission to remove friction and increase value in service delivery.
— Tom Bevacqua
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  • 2017 adidas Superstar award

  • 2015 adidas Star performer award

  • 2014 Nike Retail Vendor Excellence award

  • 2012 Nike Retail Vendor Excellence award

  • 2010 Nike Retail Vendor Excellence award

  • 2008 Nike Retail Vendor Excellence award

  • Connex Supplier of the Year nominee 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012


Reason 2.

Friction. Gone.

Connect Directly with

Top Trade Professionals


Facility Managers seem to be left with two choices today.

  • Turn over everything to someone else.


  • Do everything by yourself.

There is a better way.

With ABBY, you get management when you need it and discounted pricing for all the routine repairs.


Reason 3.

Dollars. Count.


3 Ways to Save!

Software / Pass-Through Pricing / Invoice Transparency

  • No Cost Software

Zero cost to the property owner/management.

Zero cost to any Vendor Partner.

ABBY is a Full Facilities Management CMMS with all the expected features.

Work Order Management / PM Module / Asset Tracking /

Proposal Module / Mobile / GPS / Reports / Data Analytics

But it’s the UN-expected that has everyone talking.

  • Pass-Through Discount Pricing / Cross-Client Bundling /

    Partner Communication / Training and Support

  • Pass-Through Pricing

As much as 70% of your demand service calls are being completed without any management.

So why are you paying a mark-up on work that wasn’t managed?


“How many normal requests get the $0 fee?”

ABBY Clients Pass-Through Percentage

Percent of normal requests discounted to $0 Mark-Up. These requests were all created in

ABBY123 is currently integrated with several of the leading CMMS platforms in use today. We think everyone should benefit from ABBY!

Pass-Through % for Integrated CMMS clients

Percent of Normal Requests Discounted for Pass-Through. These requests were created in the clients existing CMMS system.

  • Invoice Transparency

  • ABBY clients see the invoice exactly as it came in.

  • Rate - Verified

  • Time - Verified

  • Labor and Material Breakdowns

  • Taxes - Verified by independent tax review